• Taking Chances2:24
  • We Fall Down4:53
  • Spiritjazz4:09
  • My Life5:37
  • Heart's Desire5:16
  • Rise Again4:04
  • Track 15:01

Genesis Clf Podcast 

Parenting & marriage

When should you stop letting your child sleep in your bed? Our experts weigh in.

We are a family based pentecostal church

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Our home group is designed to raise fruitful disciples that will reproduce themselves like Jesus Christ did with the 12 disciples.


We have a specific strategy to see every member develop from a new believer to become an ordained, lay or full time minister.

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Partnership is a two-way street. Find out how to develop a healthy marriage and to share the  responsibility in parenting with Christian in Enfield.


is more important

than your relationship withgod!

Fruitful life  group

Raising fruitful and spirit filled disciples.

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