​​​​​​Loving God, raising fruitful disciples and advancing the kingdom!

Membership Development Program

We have a specific strategy for seeing every member develop from a new believer to becoming an ordained, lay or full time minister within CLF, and for the wider body of Christ.  This strategy is outlined in the diagram below through our Membership Development Program (MDP):


​​Stage 1:  New Believers Course:  A commitment to Jesus and growing in His Kingdom (for new believers).

Stage 2:  Membership Orientation Course:  A commitment to a Church family (for new members).

Stage 3:  Spiritual Maturity Course:  A commitment to habits necessary for spiritual growth (for growing believers).

Stage 4:  Ministry Orientation Course:  A commitment to serve God and others with our abilities (for church workers).

Stage 5:  Leadership Orientation Course:  A commitment to serve as leaders (for leaders of Cell groups, Heads of Departments/Ministries).

Stage 6:  Ministerial Training Course: A commitment to serve our calling as lay or full-time ministers (for mature believers or leaders).

Stage 7:  Ordination: A commitment to being a fully ordained (for those wishing to be ordained as CLF ministers or elders).

This growth strategy enables us to facilitate the series of commitments made in our MDP by anyone who attends our Church services or events and wishes to develop as a member of CLF.